SEASONS line – trans-seasonal design

As a responsible brand, we support reasonable consumption and pay special attention to such a fashion direction as trans-seasonal design. This trend, which has been important for several years, is becoming more and more relevant. Key aspects:

  1. Multifunctional clothing that adapts to any weather conditions.
    The unpredictability of the weather that we face every day affects the choice of clothing. Having a few trans-seasonal items in a wardrobe helps to protect yourself from the vagaries of the weather and stay stylish at the same time.
  1. The design of this line is based on the concept of “Slow Fashion”.
    This principle means convenient, practical products that are always relevant or “off the time” Slow fashion favors “multi-season” or “off-season” design, quality tailoring, and conscious choice. Proponents of slow fashion pay attention not as much to the trends, as to environmental care. Slow fashion is a sign of the individuality of the consumer, who appreciates quality and durability.
  1. Multifunctional clothes – savings everywhere.
    ASTONI offers a series of models that adapt to seasonal conditions, saving space in your wardrobe. And the rise of global travel saves space in your suitcases.

1 +1 = 3 or how it works

Being able to attach the lining jacket to any other or raincoat from the line, you get a warmed demi-season jacket or warmed raincoat.

For example,
TARUS long windbreaker + lined jacket INSIDE green = insulated demi-season jacket from the SEASONS set.

The lining jacket is easy to detach and can be used separately as a self-sufficient item, as well as the outer product, which turns into another jacket or raincoat.

Please note: any outdoor product in the SEASONS line can be attached to any indoor product from the same line with the “puzzle” mark.