An eco-suede bomber – a worthy alternative

Eco-suede is a woven material, with a special satin weave of threads and a “finish”, producing a pile. It is produced both with the use of natural raw (cotton) and synthetic materials.

A few years ago, the quality of artificial analogs was not as good as expected; however, the modern textile industry is moving forward, inventing impressive synthetic materials, which are not inferior to natural ones, also allowing saving the lives of millions of helpless living beings.

Eco-suede advantages:

  • First and foremost, it’s a humane way of production – not a single drop of innocent animals’ blood isshed. For a person with a living, sensitive soul, this must be important.
  • It is very similar to natural suede, so it will look just as “elegant”. Such suede has no scratches and cracks inherent in natural material.
  • Even the touch, it’s velvety, gentle, and as “warm” as its natural counterpart.
  • Eco-suede is a strong material and as such very durable.


ALTER windbreaker — an eco-suede bomber

  • the cuffs, collar, and bottom selvage are made of hard knitted elastic of the same color;
  • Inner pocket in the lining;
  • metal zipper.

How exactly to care for artificial suede?

Like any other material, this one also has its strength limits. Although eco-suede is quite durable, it’s not worth treating it as immortal. Careful care and storage will prolong its life. The main advantage of this fabric, however, is that it can be machine washed in a delicate mode, at a temperature not higher than 30℃.

So, one can see that eco-suede is an excellent material not to be afraid of at all. True, the “eco” prefix is now added anywhere, but this time the material is worth it. Just think of it – while saving the lives of animals, you can feel comfortable and confident in the clothes you like.