Men's jackets wholesale

If you decide to buy men’s jackets wholesale from ASTONI, not only do you get stylish clothes for every taste, but also comfortable, high-quality merchandise that will serve their owners for a long time.

Men’s jackets wholesale from ASTONI is an attractive investment

Men’s jackets from the manufacturer are of different models: a man’s jacket-coat, a short jacket, or a jacket with sports technologies: like thermoregulated membrane fabric, for example. This means a comfortable cut and a well-thought-out design for all occasions. It’s hard not to find what you need, with a wide selection: from a lightweight jacket to a jacket with thermal regulation, from a classic cut to a sporty design.

What distinguishes men’s jackets from ASTONI

Our models will satisfy the most demanding customers. Even those who find it difficult to decide on style and preferences, or those who need to combine almost incompatible requirements. This is all due to important details:

  • modern Slimtex and Tinsul insulation;
  • convenient magnetic snap fasteners;
  • multifunctional inner pockets with easy access.

Need a hood that won’t get in the way? No problem – it can be hidden. Just like folding the collar when the wind is no longer annoying you.

A unique feature of men’s jackets from ASTONI is the ability to combine different models in one product, when, for example, one jacket can be attached to another for insulation. And all this without losing style and without sacrificing comfort.

By buying stylish jackets wholesale, you are preparing a serious offer for your future buyers. It won’t be easy for them to pass by a variety of choices, so that later on the contrary, – easy to cope with any vagaries of the weather. 

We took care not only of style but also of quality and convenience. Now you take care of a decent choice for your customers.

Take a look at our collection and see for yourself – wholesale men’s jackets from ASTONI are not only a versatile design but the best offer for your customers.