The wholesale men’s clothing collection 2023

The official ASTONI website is a wholesale platform for men’s clothing. We offer both winter and autumn-spring models in casual style. The clothes are designed for those men who dress fashionably without sacrificing comfort and convenience.
The clothes are designed for those men who dress fashionably without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

ASTONI – fashionable men’s clothing wholesale in Kharkiv

The wholesale men’s clothing collection from ASTONI is high-quality coats, jackets, down jackets, raincoats, and windbreakers, designed for those living in both megapolises and small towns. They’re designed so that you can feel confident stepping into the office and comfortable as you walk in the park.

The menswear collection is available in traditional colors such as black, blue, and grey, as well as in modern and innovative colors:

  • brown
  • olive
  • fashionable beige–camel
  • green khaki
  • melange or denim texture fabrics

Menswear supplier ASTONI ensures that the accessories perfectly match the mood and style of each item. We also offer wholesale men’s clothing with various styles of sleeves and cuffs, collars, pockets, and other details.

Our new men’s clothing collection matches classic shoes, strict shirts, and sneakers, and “cozy” sweaters. It fits both office style and casual or fusion. ASTONI offers various types of wholesale clothing:

  • coats,
  • raincoats,
  • winter and demi-season jackets,
  • down jackets,
  • windbreakers,
  • insulated vests,
  • bombers.

We offer men’s outfits suitable for any weather and season. All models are designed for maximum comfort: good fit,well-thought-out pocket arrangement, smart hoods, and collars – everything matches the weather and fashion trends.

We are looking for partners

The wholesale sale of clothes from ASTONI is beneficial for regular and new partners:

  • small wholesale option
  • test wholesale purchase,
  • affordable bulk orders for clothes allow retail at a very competitive price

More, ASTONI’s wholesale men’s clothing collection is always in style and fashion, driving a strong demand among customers.

Check out our menswear spring collection and choose what suits you now, in time for the spring sales.