Membrane fabrics

It’s assumed that the membrane jacket was designed to meet the demand of winter sports athletes and mountaineers. They needed clothes that allow the body to breathe while being moisture-resistant and waterproof so that the body heat wouldn’t create a greenhouse effect. This is how the membrane fabric appeared, which was originally used exclusively for sports clothes.

Membrane fabric for jackets — what is it

In short: the membrane is a thin semi-permeable coating in between the jacket fabrics. The “breathable membrane” is a film glued to the inner fabric surface using special technology. The surface of this film has multiple holes, resembling the pores of human skin. These pores are smaller than water droplets but larger than steam molecules. Drops of water falling onto membrane fabric from the outside cannot pass through the membrane, while steam molecules are released freely from the inside. The result is a waterproof membrane fabric that is breathable from the inside.

Air permeability and waterproof parameters determine the comfort of membrane clothing. It all depends on two main things:

  • the type of membrane itself,
  • outer material and lining of the garment

Membrane jacket for the city — sports technology in everyday life

A winter jacket is primarily intended for protection against harsh weather conditions. Such a high level of protection would be impossible without the membrane.

Over time, membrane fabric became available in everyday clothes, making them:

  • strong,
  • convenient,
  • waterproof,
  • water repellent,
  • breathing.
RIGA coat

Using sports technologies for tailoring everyday clothes is one of the directions of the ASTONI brand. CANADA as well as CONTACT and OPTIMA city jackets are made of membrane fabric. Moreover, we even used this material for the RIGA coat. It was a rather bold decision, but the combination of the coat fabric with the membrane produced an unparalleled effect. The straightened fabric pile forces the water drops to roll off, and a thin layer of wool is not getting soaked even in heavy rain.

And the membrane won’t let moisture in. On one hand, ASTONI coats and jackets are completely waterproof due to the membrane, on the other hand, they don’t look like typical sportswear, so one can confidently to work or a romantic evening walk.

If you don’t chase the latest fashion and change your jacket every year due to changing trends, a membrane jacket will serve you well for several seasons, quickly becoming your best friend.