Down Jackets

Winter is a time when people look for uncompromising protection from the cold, so the decision to buy men’s down jackets at wholesale price is a good investment. Due to their elastic structure down jackets, guarantee a very high level of insulation. Also, modern technologies from ASTONI protect down jackets from rain.

Your choice – ASTONI men’s down jackets from the manufacturer

We decided to sew models that wouldn’t hamper the one’s moves and wouldn’t bother men wearing them. At the same time, we tried to make them as convenient and functional as possible. By choosing short men’s down jackets at wholesale price from ASTONI you are guaranteed to offer warm and comfortable winter outerwear to your customers.

ASTONI down jackets look stylish, modern, and fashionable:

  •     suitable for office, walks; travels, or trips to the countryside
  •     keep their warmth even in severe frosts;
  •     protect not only from cold but also from rain and snow.

ASTONI – a responsible business

ASTONI cares about the fashion industry’s impact on the planet, so we choose environmentally friendly fabrics and materials. We also care about animals and consider their suffering for the sake of human comfort unacceptable. That is why our down jackets use artificial bio-down insulation.

It is important to understand that bio-down itself does not warm, it keeps the heated air close to the body, thus, the person is warmed by the air that fills the free space inside the down jacket. Due to the advanced technologies, it is possible to create polyester fibers imitating the goose or duck down. These artificial microchambers filled with air are quite good for thermal insulation.

When buying ASTONI stylish down jackets at wholesale price, you not only make a good investment but also care for the environment and nature.