Men’s clothing from the manufacturer ASTONI Ukraine

The Astoni company was founded in 2011 in Ukraine. We are proud to have our team creating new ideas here, realizing the rich potential of Ukraine.

We focus on the production of multifunctional everyday men’s clothing within the latest fashion trends.

Men’s clothing from the manufacturer ASTONI Ukraine is a factory production with a post-operational product manufacturing cycle. Control of the production process at all stages results in a quality product.

  • A comfortable cut guarantees coziness and comfort.
  • Original finishing, convenient pockets, and slits highlight our models’ individuality and practicality.
  • The laconic design elements made of leather and corduroy add sophistication.
  • We use high-quality materials and the latest technologies.

The ASTONI company considers clients’ requests to provide large models of raincoats, jackets, and coats. As of today, our models range from 48 to 64 sizes (from S to XXXL)

Men’s clothing from a manufacturer in Ukraine means a full cycle of production in Ukraine, and this is how our customers get a quality product at a reasonable price.