Men's raincoats wholesale

Avant-garde design solutions and modern fabrics made stylish men’s raincoats not the prerogative for only elegant gentlemen – now they are readily added to the wardrobes of urban style lovers. 

ASTONI – elegant and durable men’s raincoats wholesale

ASTONI offers men’s raincoat wholesale for both cool and rainy weather. One can wear a lightweight men’s waterproof raincoat made of membrane fabric as a rain cloak from early autumn. And if it’s the SEASONS clothing line, then with a specially designed zip-up jacket, such a raincoat can be turned into a warmed waterproof one, to withstand the bad weather of late autumn.

A men’s autumn raincoat with modern thin insulation can replace a demi-season coat or even a warm jacket. At the same time, such raincoats retain elegance, they are not bulky and do not hamper one’s moves. The transformable collar allows turning a stylish item of clothing into a warmer and more enclosed one; the medium length not only helps to protect against cold but allows wearing a raincoat over a suit with a jacket.

What to note when buying men’s raincoats from the manufacturer ASTONI

It is worth paying attention not only to the cloak’s parameters and design but also to add-ons and accessories:

  • one of the desirable add-ons is a hood, especially if it’s a raincoat;
  • it’s worth noting the cloak length – too long will hamper one’s moves and will look archaic. It is better to choose a shortened model;
  • additional pockets will be useful, but they should be located conveniently so that one can easily reach inside;
  • fasteners are important. An additional strip is a no less important detail – it protects against moisture and cold penetrating through the fastener. This applies to both buttons or snaps, as well as zippers;
  • the collar and cuffs should be comfortable while keeping the rain and cold out at the same time.