OKTAN jacket with thermoregulation

An elegant nylon jacket. Insulated with Slimtax 100. Its length allows for wearing it with a suit.

Functional elements:

  • hidden strap to fit the waist;
  • in-collar folding hood;
  • back pleat for free movement;
  • the zipped and buttoned front bar;
  • convenient zipped inner pocket;
  • thermoregulating lining: natural body heat reflects off the aluminum particles of the lining, while excess heat and vapor are released, without causing overheating. This thermos-like fabric retains 20% more heat than other lining materials.


fabric: poliester 100%
color: navy
lining: poliester 100%, with thermoregulation
filling: Slimtex 100
sizes: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60

TEСHNO line – is sports technology in urban clothing, made of membrane fabrics, thermoregulating lining.


SLIMTEX insulation

This is modern thin insulation, created with ultra-thin fiber. It’s hypoallergenic; compact and light – only a few millimeters thick; minimal moisture absorption (up to 1%), i.e., the washed item takes little time to dry; the insulation does not deform and does not lose its properties during cleaning.