LARSON bomber jacket on coat fabric

This bomber jacket made of coat fabric is the most relevant for this season.
Bomber is an excellent solution for motorists. On one hand, it’s short, practical, and unofficial, on the other hand, it’s neat enough to be worn not only with jeans but also with trousers and leather shoes.
Membrane-on-the wool coat fabric makes it windproof; it practically doesn’t get wet while allowing the body tobreathe at the same time.

Functional elements:

  • the cuff and the bottom selvage made of thick wool elastic;
  • zipper fastener with the hidden snaps;
  • stand-up collar;
  • Slimtex 100 insulation.


fabric: wool + polyester, on a membrane
color: gray
lining: poliester 100%
filling: Slimtex 100
sizes: 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60


Membrane fabrics:

Water drops that fall from the outside cannot pass through the membrane fabric. At the same time, vapor molecules that accumulate inside as the body sweats, are freely released through its pores. As a result, membrane fabric is waterproof from the outside and breathable from the inside.

SLIMTEX insulation

This is modern thin insulation, created with ultra-thin fiber. It’s hypoallergenic; compact and light – only a few millimeters thick; minimal moisture absorption (up to 1%), i.e., the washed item takes little time to dry; the insulation does not deform and does not lose its properties during cleaning.