Membrane bomber jacket CAMPUS

Bomber jacket is a combination of timeless classics with modern sports accents. The product is made of high-quality materials with durable and easy-to-use accessories used for decoration. Comfort and convenience of wearing is ensured by membrane technology, which allows you to keep body temperature at the same level, protecting from cold and overheating thanks to quick removal of excess moisture.

Modern Slimtex 100 material is used for insulation, so this jacket can be worn not only on warm spring days but also when the temperature falls below zero. A knitted collar that fits snugly on the neck, protecting it from the cold, adds convenience. The jacket is also decorated with knitted elastic on the bottom and has cuffed sleeves, which will be an additional means of keeping warm.

  • Two vertically sewn pockets with zippers.
  • The hood is hidden in the collar.
  • Large size grid.
  • Decorated with knitted elastic on the bottom and on the cuffs.


fabric: polyester, on a membrane
color: navy
Lining: poliester 100%
filling: Slimtex 100
sizes: 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64


Membrane fabrics:

Water drops that fall from the outside cannot pass through the membrane fabric. At the same time, vapor molecules that accumulate inside as the body sweats, are freely released through its pores. As a result, membrane fabric is waterproof from the outside and breathable from the inside.

Slimtex insulation

This is modern thin insulation, created with ultra-thin fiber. It’s hypoallergenic; compact and light – only a few millimeters thick; minimal moisture absorption (up to 1%), i.e., the washed item takes little time to dry; the insulation does not deform and does not lose its properties during cleaning.