NORDIS bio-down short puffer jacket

Short puffer jacket with bio-down insulation. Made of a dense fabric that does not get wet. The lining is made of cotton, the inner collar is made of cotton jersey for comfortable wear.

Despite its short length and sporty functionality, the jacket is of classic design. The removable hood naturally fits the classic style.

Functional elements:

  • detachable hood;
  • convenient inner pocket;
  • knitted inner collar


fabric: poliester 100%
color: black
lining: cotton
filling: bio-down
sizes: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58



Bio-down filler
This is an ecological, soft, warm, and elastic filler material. It mimics natural fluff three-dimensional spherical shape. Effectively retains heat (almost 1.5 times more than its natural counterpart). Bio-puff filler keeps itsshape and structure, does not thin out, and does not penetrate through the seam holes.


Membrane fabrics:

Water drops that fall from the outside cannot pass through the membrane fabric. At the same time, vapor molecules that accumulate inside as the body sweats, are freely released through its pores. As a result, membrane fabric is waterproof from the outside and breathable from the inside.