INSIDE light jacket black

Lightweight short jacket made of nylon with light insulation.
The jacket can be fastened to the other jackets of the SEASONS line as an under-hem lining.

Functional elements:

  • stand-up collar;
  • asymmetrical stitches are combined with non-quilted parts;
  • snap-fastened pockets.


fabric: nylon 100%
color: black
lining: nylon 100%
filling: Tinsul-M 80
sizes: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58

SEASONS line – all upper clothes of this line are fitted with a zipper hidden under the strip, allowing you to fasten an insulated jacket (such as INSIDE, AVIS – these jackets are sold separately) for extra convenience.


Tinsul M Insulation

This is highly effective, and resistant to mechanical pressure insulation based on the thinnest microfibers. It’s also moisture- and heat-resistant.
It’s absolutely hypoallergenic, compact in size, and does not deform during transportation and storage.


These are models of trans-seasonal design, which one can easily adapt to seasonal conditions while saving closet space. Being able to fasten a jacket lining to any jacket or raincoat from this line-up, one gets an insulated demi-season jacket or a warm raincoat: 1 + 1 = 3